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Hi, I’m Soraya.

Soraya is a catalyst in transformational journeys. She helped hundreds of innovators and business leaders over the world to raise their consciousness, move past limited thinking and expand their lives.

Soraya Lezaar


Soraya has been proven being an advocate for self-realization, transformative leadership, regenerative impact and facilitating Inner Development Goals.

Soraya is stoked to inspire others to dive deeper into the wisdom of our earth, so humanity & our earth can flourish together. She is fascinated about bridging science and ancient wisdom, quantum entanglement, indigenous wisdom, planetary health, wisdom of water, exploring sacred sites, curating art, dancing, following her joy!

Mindshift architect
Curator Art & Consciousness

Nice to
meet you.

This is me.

Soraya Lezaar

Also me.

Soraya Lezaar
Soraya Lezaar
— about Soraya

As a teenager Soraya was curious about behavior change and wanted to help people who struggle to believe more in themselves. After Bachelor at Fontys, she thought when she knows who she is, she could work everywhere she likes. Soraya gained her expertise for years as an empowerment coach at governments and empowered people to reintegrate in work and helped people become more confident. In 2004 she started as a Management consultant at BMC advising complex transformations where people and processes were focused on dealing with change & implemented new laws.

Soraya sees future trends coming up years before the rise to the average public. Always a step ahead or a bit early. Starting an online gallery fraaai curating upcoming artists in 2009 was a bit too early 🙂

In 2014 she founded The Mindset Society, a highway to inspire many entrepreneurs & leaders to personal growth, allowing them to breakthrough behavioral patterns. Her holistic approach is on a mental, emotional, physical, energetic & spiritual level and backed up with neuroscience.

Soraya works with Founders, innovators and impactleaders enabling to understand and overcome the limits of their own perceptions.

Soraya is able to read people quickly. She dares to ask the difficult questions most people avoid.

The last 9 years she guided with pleasure hundreds of leaders 1:1 in leadership and experimented by following her excitement by hosting retreats, guided meditation challenges at corporate companies, leadership trails, international workshops with techies using light hypnosis.

Soraya takes risks to evolve in places where new opportunities, inner transformation and her curiosity come together.

Soraya followed a study at FontysHogeschool Eindhoven, Certified Kundalini yoga teacher training in Ibiza, followed the neurotraining under the radar with a former corps marine officer.

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